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    Hydroelectric power station
    Chinese high speed rail
    Singapore wind mill
    Thailand motor factory
    transformer insulation material
    motor insulation material
    stepper motor
    Distribution Cabinet
    Lightning arrester
    Capacitors electrical insulation
    Reactor electrical insulation material
Expansive fiber glass mat sheet
  Expansive fiber
Expansive porous fiberglass mat board
  Expansive porou
Expansive rigid fiberglass mat plate
  Expansive rigid
MJ882 95 ceramics insulator
  MJ882 95 cerami
  MJ882 95 ceramics insulator u
MJ887 High polymer side striking insulator
  MJ887 High poly
  MJ887 High polymer side striki
MJ888 High polymer side striking insulator
  MJ888 High poly
  MJ888 High polymer side striki
    2019 EASA Motor fair
    CW China/CIEMME 2014 and CWIEME
    IEEE CEIDP 2013 in China
    Fire Resistant Lightweight Electrical Insulation Material
    New topological insulator materials may speed futu...
    Electrical Insulation Material
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About Us
The company is located in the high tech Development Zone, Xi'an City, mainly the production of high-grade insulation material, it features a F grade, H grade, C grade magnetic sheet and magnetic slot wedge, insulation board, aluminum base copper-clad plate; a small amount of production of insulating tube, rod, paint, mica tape and low-grade old type insulating material. Also the production of high voltage capacitor, capacitor voltage transformer, lightning arrester, reactor. There are experts graduated from Harbin Institute of electrical ,Xi'...
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